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THINKTOOL THINKCAR MASTER Advanced Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool with Online Programming

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Package: 46 * 15 * 35 cm

Weight: 6 kg

 THINKTOOL MASTER Advanced Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool with Online Programming

Professional multi-brand diagnostic equipment with full system coverage for over 120 car brands, including special functions like component activation,
coding, adaptation and online programing. Protected tablet-style device with Android operating system and wireless (Bluetooth) communication with Thinkdiag connector.


Thinkcar MASTER is a professional multi-brand diagnostic equipment with online programing function. Equipment have ergonomic and protective design, wireless diagnostic adapter,

intelligent diagnose with automatic vehicle identification and full system scanning function, diagnostic history to store vehicles data, quick access to reset functions,

help information and built-in repair info, diagnostic feedback function and vehicle coverage overview. The main tablet-PC is based on Android 10.0 OS with Quad-Core 2.0 GHz CPU,

4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage and 6000 mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery. MASTER provides full access to the professional functions for wide range of American,

Asian and European car brands, combined with stable and accurate test data.


- Official version, 100% original
- Warranty and technical support from official distributor
- Licensed software with updates and subscription in the future
- Built-in help and suggestion for diagnosis
- The best among analogues of this class in terms of price-quality-functionality ratio
- Based on advanced technologies and functions from LAUNCH with its own high-tech solutions
- Compatible with optional HD Module for commercial vehicle diagnostic
- Compatible with ADAS stand to calibrate radars and sensors
- Additional accessories: for example, videoscope, printer, LED flashlight, additional battery and others
- High configuration software with user friendly design
- A multi-touch, tablet-style capacitor screen for quick, smooth use
- Powerful and protected Android based tablet PC
- Portable size makes it easy to use and transport
- Support all professional diagnostic functions with built-in help
- Diagnostics of all possible electronic (ECU) systems
- Vehicles coverage with over 120 worldwide makes from America, Europe and Asia
- Intelligent diagnose with automatic vehicle identification and scanning
- Online programming
- Check historical maintenance and diagnostic records
- Adapter set for cars with old type diagnostic socket
- Printer to print out test results
- Update diagnostic programs over Wi-Fi (One Click Update)
- Diagnostic trouble code searching and translating on the Internet
- Multi-language support: English, Russian, German and other

Diagnostic functionality:

- Intelligent diagnose with automatic vehicle identification
- Complete diagnose of all systems (ECU)
- Reading system information (VIN number, part number, software version etc.)
- Reading trouble codes (DTC)
- Clearing trouble codes (DTC)
- Diagnostic trouble code searching and translating in the Internet
- View current data in numerical and graphical form
- Component activation and testing
- Adaptation, coding, etc.
- Online programming
- Service remainder reset
- Other special functions
- Database and help services online support
- Save and print out test results (diagnostic data)
- Other functions